The sheer expensiveness of London accommodation tends to be a turnoff for many a traveller. Yet as long as you know where to find the more affordable options it is possible to get by even on the tightest of budgets, leaving lots left for shopping, sightseeing, eating out or entertainment. The following London hotels all charge less than twenty pounds per night without being too far away from the city centre to be inconvenient.

  • Northumberland Hotel.  Its close proximity to Kings Cross station makes it easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Premier Inn Kings Cross. Another King’s Cross hotel, it comes with the same perks as the previously mentioned establishment.
  • St. Mark Hotel London. Situated near King’s court it is not only easy to get to and from, but with several museums and Hyde and Kensington park nearby there is a lot to be seen in its immediate surroundings.

These are but a few of the many cheap hotels in London you could choose from. You will find many more to choos from in our London Hotels section, you are bound to find plenty that suit your needs.